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Unusual family law case focused on frozen embryos

Technology has changed the landscape of American culture, and most Americans rely on technological innovations to improve virtually every aspect of their daily lives. In many cases, these advancements happen at such a rapid pace that the legal system is unable to keep up. When an unusual case with a technological component comes before a family law court in Maryland or elsewhere, the result often sets legal precedent.

Links between family law and estate planning

Divorce can be a hectic time in the life of a Maryland resident. There are so many things to do, papers to gather and decisions to make. It can feel overwhelming, and it often feels as if the list of divorce to-do items never shrinks in size. During this period of time, estate planning is an area that is often overshadowed more pressing matters. That said, failing to address this important family law matter can lead to an extremely undesirable outcome.

Tips for achieving a successful mediation

For those couples who choose to resolve their divorce outside of a courtroom, mediation offers an excellent option. In order for mediation to work, however, both spouses have to be able and willing to make an honest effort toward working out a solution. The following tips are offered in the hopes of making mediation more productive for those in Maryland who choose this path.

Collaborative divorce is a solid family law option for many

Many Maryland couples are interested in pursuing a collaborative divorce. This family law approach offers participants a way to remove much of the tension and negativity that accompanies many divorce cases, and instead focuses on applying problem solving techniques to reach an outcome that works for both sides. In many ways, collaboration results in a "kinder, gentler" divorce experience. For spouses who will remain connected through their role as co-parents, this is a great way to transition from one role into another.

Soon, child custody will not be possible for a rapist in Maryland

A rape survivor and an attorney, both women, spearheaded an idea that led to the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. This new federal law has been put in place to help protect female victims of rape who choose to keep a baby born as a result of that rape. Maryland is one of several states that are working locally to pass the law that could dictate child custody in case of a rape.

Maryland mediation can help divorcing spouses

Family law courts are usually the ones to make the final decisions regarding how spouses split their assets and even their time with their children when they divorce. However, mediation is often less costly, more effective and can lead to a final resolution more quickly. Maryland spouses who are considering divorce may want to consider mediation as an option. 

Fraudulent paternity claims affect men everywhere

Some people work hard to defraud others for financial gain, and paternity fraud is probably one of the most vicious ways of doing this. All too often a mother will claim that a child's father is someone who is not biologically the father, leaving that man responsible for child support. In most states, including Maryland, there are time limits to contest paternity, and, after that time has passed, there is no way to contest demands for child support payments. This situation is largely in thanks to the Bradley Amendment -- a federal law that prohibits judges from modifying child support orders retroactively.

Unmarried couples in Maryland should plan for their future

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of cohabitating unmarried couples in America has risen from 1 percent in the 1960s to 12 percent in 2011. That alone gives a reason for a new look at how unmarried couples in Maryland and elsewhere deal with issues such as money and property. There are many issues that must be considered when joining this type of partnership.

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