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How to protect business interests during a divorce

When one party enters a marriage having already built a successful business, it is important to take steps to protect those assets from loss. Should the marriage end in divorce, a spouse who had no part in creating the business could end up with a significant share of business assets, which can lead to financial turmoil for the business owner and even a risk of having to close the doors permanently. Preventing that outcome should be a top priority for Maryland business owners who are preparing to wed.

Employees should not be fired because of divorce, court says

Going through the end of a marriage will require some financial adjustments for most Maryland spouses. Even so, few worry that their job security will suffer as a result of their changed marital status. In one state, that is exactly what happened when a worker went through a divorce, lost his job and had to fight through the courts to find a just resolution.

Taking full advantage of a divorce attorney

When seeking to end a marriage, most Maryland spouses will secure the services of a trained family law attorney. Because most people are unfamiliar with the divorce process and are not sure what to expect, it is easy to take a backseat to the process and allow the attorney to guide the ship, so to speak. A better approach, however, is to take full advantage of the skills and experience of one's divorce attorney to reach the best possible settlement.

Addressing custody and visitation needs during summer break

Once school lets out and kids are home for the summer, many families encounter scheduling difficulties. This is especially true for families who have gone through a divorce and where the kids spend time between two households. For those in Maryland who are struggling to work with their former spouse to hammer out a visitation plan for this summer, it can be helpful to step back and take a different approach to the issue.

How to discuss money matters with kids following a divorce

Ending a marriage will have an impact on the financial standing of all involved. Most Maryland spouses will find that running two separate households on individual incomes is a challenge. There will be numerous changes to come as the divorce moves forward and becomes final. Discussing those changes with one's children can also pose a challenge.

Do children of divorce have higher rates of divorce as adults?

A great deal of social science has been dedicated to tracking the ways that the ends of marriages affect children in Maryland and across the nation. A recent study looked at how kids of divorce fared in their own adult relationships. Researchers wanted to determine whether experiencing a divorce as a child is likely to influence that child's risk of divorce as an adult.

Actress avoids spousal support payment by way of prenup

Maryland fans of the hit television show "Big Bang Theory" are familiar with the work of Kaley Cuoco. The actress plays Penny, the airhead girl next door who falls in love with her nerdy neighbor. Cuoco may play dumb on screen, but in real life she has shown herself to be a savvy financial planner. Due to a rock solid prenuptial agreement, Cuoco is emerging from her recent divorce with the vast majority of her sizable fortune intact, and will not pay spousal support to her former husband.

The importance of having clear spousal support guidelines

Few divorce issues are more contentious than alimony. Whether one is making or receiving payments, there are strong opinions held on whether the practice of one spouse providing continuing support for the other should be upheld or altered. Even though the subject of spousal support is so widely debated, many spouses in Maryland and across the nation fail to give the issue sufficient attention when drafting their divorce agreements.

Is crowdfunding the newest divorce trend? Should it be?

When many Maryland spouses tell their friends and family that they are preparing to end their marriage, the response is almost universally "I'm so sorry. What can I do to help?" Often, people don't know how to answer this question, as divorce is such a deeply personal experience. However, there are plenty of ways that loved ones can assist during this period of time, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of a divorce.

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