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When paying child support is difficult, seek professional advice

Taking care of children can be challenging in any situation, but after a divorce, it is even more so. Establishing child support mandates is the government's solution to making sure both parents contribute to the care of their children. However, in an ever-evolving economy, financial hardships can make it difficult for the non-custodial parent to keep up with the payments.

Could a phone app lessen child support tensions?

When Maryland parents decide to end their relationship, the division of parenting time and responsibilities is a chief concern. Once a child custody and child support agreement has been reached, many parents begin to struggle over the financial end of things. Child support is an item of contention among many divorced parents and can make it difficult to create a positive  co-parenting relationship.

Should incarcerated parents receive a child support break?

A controversial child support regulation shift is underway, and has sparked debate in Maryland and across the nation. The change is a product of the Obama administration, and seeks to give incarcerated parents a better chance of avoiding dire financial straits as they finish their prison term and re-enter society. While many feel that the shift gives convicted criminals an undue child support advantage, others believe that the move could help custodial parents receive support payments when the other parent is released from prison.

Maryland child support collections needs some work

Although Maryland is doing a better job of collecting owed child support payments, the state is still not collecting near what it should. According to auditors, Maryland is only collecting less than one-third of the $1.8 billion that is owed by the non-custodial parents. This child support money is needed by the custodial parents to properly care for their children.

Some states look at child support changes, Maryland could be next

Maryland residents may be interested to learn about a proposal in another state to increase the amount of child support payments in that state by 3.5 percent for all parents, regardless of their incomes. The proposed changes would take place in January 2016, if approved. The review comes from a state advisory committee that is operating due to a federal mandate that requires each state to review the child support guidelines it has in place every four years.

Child support enforcement laws beneficial in Maryland and beyond

Child support and child support enforcement may sometimes be a point of contention during and after the divorce process. Parents who divorce in Maryland may be interested to know that lawmakers in another state are working to improve the way that they collect child support payments that are in arrears. They are planning to change the laws regarding the collection process of child support payments.

Maryland parents are covered under the new child support laws

How child support money is collected for a parent who lives in one state from a parent who resides in another state may change drastically in some states this year. As of 2015, all 50 states are now required to pass a new law before their legislative sessions end this year if they want to continue to receive certain federal benefits. That new law is The Uniform Interstate Family Security Act. It will allow residents in one state, like here in Maryland, to collect child support payments from a parent in another state.

Maryland child support payments owed even if out of state

An attorney general's office in another state recently collected more than $95,000 in back child support payments in one case. Maryland parents who receive child support payments are likely aware that payments can be collected even if the parent who owes the support moves to another state. The 41-year-old man who had moved to another state paid his back due support after an arrest warrant was issued for him for felony non-support.

Maryland DNA results can stop child support payments

A man in another state has been responsible for the support of a child that is not his for 13 years. The man claims that he has never seen the child nor talked to the child, yet he is, in the eyes of the state, considered to be $21,000 behind in child support payments. This type of situation can happen anywhere, even in Maryland.

Social Security can be garnished for child support in Maryland

The Social Security Administration offers a variety of benefits to Americans who are in need of financial assistance whether due to disability or low income. When the recipients of Social Security benefits are non-custodial parents, the parents who are expecting to receive child support payments are often unsure of whether Social Security benefits can be garnished for back child support. Maryland parents who are wondering about this issue may benefit from learning more about Social Security and child support. 

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