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Helping you avoid mistakes that may hurt your child custody case

If you are divorcing with children, you already understand the heavy toll it can take on your family. It is often a time of utter chaos in which you exist under a microscope. Everything you say and do could be subject to intense scrutiny. Making mistakes can cost you heavily, but it can cost your children even more: a stable environment, interacting with both parents, emotional security and more.

After charges filed, child custody cases could be in limbo

When parents face the loss of custody to their state of residence, the court proceedings often include the services of a family evaluator. Some states refer to this position as a child custody specialist or a court mediator, among other terms. In short, however, this role is usually fulfilled by a social worker who is hired by the county to review and report on a family's living scenario and make recommendations on child custody placement. This is a position that carries an enormous amount of power and responsibility, as courts in Maryland and elsewhere will often defer to the opinion given.

Popularity plays little role in the best interest of the child

Maryland parents who are preparing for a child custody case should take the time to consider how their relationship with their child is defined. When families are intact, both parents often share in the duties of creating and enforcing the rules by which their children live. Once a divorce has taken place, it is not uncommon for one or both parents to begin making an effort to achieve a position of "favorite parent" with their kids. This is a flawed approach, and it is usually not in the best interest of the child or children.

Obtaining legal custody of a foster child can be a challenge

For one family in a southern state, the struggle to adopt a relative's baby has ended in heartbreak. The couple claims that they were misled by workers from their state's Division of Family and Children's Services (DFCS). They believed that they would be able to gain legal custody of the child. The end result, however, was a decision to leave the child in the foster home where he was placed after being born in prison. This case has received media attention in Maryland and across the nation.

Graduation is no time for child custody tension

As summer grows near, families all across Maryland are preparing to celebrate graduation. When a child receives his or her diploma, the event marks more than just the culmination of their secondary education; it is also symbolic of the transition from childhood into adulthood. This is a time that should be remembered, for all of the right reasons. Parents who have gone through a difficult divorce or child custody battle must remember that graduation is about the student, not the parents.

Making child custody talks age-appropriate for each child

One of the most distressing things about any Maryland divorce is having to discuss the matter with one's children. This is a talk that most parents dread, and many feel ill-equipped to handle. The following guidelines are shared in the hopes of making it easier to sit down and discuss divorce and child custody changes with kids, and they give advice for every age group.

Child custody fight after surrogate decides to keep baby

Maryland residents who are dealing with infertility often encounter a long and difficult road in the effort to expand their families. Many will go through difficult and expensive treatment options before looking to alternative measures, such as using the services of a surrogate. While many thousands of families have positive experiences with surrogacy each and every year, there are cases in which the arrangement leads to stress, heartbreak and difficult child custody battles.

Domestic violence complicates child custody matters

When a Maryland resident is subjected to domestic violence, the victim is often fearful of what would happen if he or she were to leave the relationship. Those who share children with their abuser may fear that leaving would mean that they would no longer be able to protect the kids from harm. It is not uncommon for a perpetrator of domestic violence to threaten to "take away" one's children in a child custody battle.

Unusual turn of events in controversial child custody case

Many Maryland readers will recall a highly controversial case in which a family court judge sent three young children to juvenile detention as part of an ongoing custody battle. The case received national attention, and outraged many who felt that the judge overstepped her boundaries in the matter. In an unexpected move, that same judge has withdrawn herself from any further involvement in the child custody case.

Did mother lose legal custody because she was poor?

An interesting case is making its way through the appellate courts of one northeastern state, and the outcome could change the way that custody matters are handled in Maryland and across the nation. The case centers on whether a parent has the right to pro bono legal counsel in the event that he or she cannot afford an attorney. While the mother in this case may have won the most recent battle, she still has quite a way to go before she can regain legal custody and be reunited with her daughter.

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