Advantages of Being a Lawyer

We have all heard the lawyer jokes, the insults, rumors, the works… but how many are actually aware of what it means to be a lawyer? There are a lot of fallacies surrounding who a lawyer is or what is it that they do. It’s not all lying and cheating as they show in TV series, nor is it some witty trickery that can abruptly change the course of a proceeding, in fact, it is far more complex and logical than one would imagine. The majority of it is legal consulting and arguing legal theories.

FYI, being a lawyer is ranked at 5th worst profession in the USA by The Balance. But no matter what we say, if not for lawyers, the legal system may not even function right. If not for lawyers, who’ll explain to us the complex legal theories that we have a hard time wrapping our head around?

So let’s start with this article and see what are some of the advantages of being a lawyer.

What Are the Significant Points of becoming a Lawyer – The United States Code:

Being a lawyer is difficult, and before you become one, there are a lot of hardships that you have to pull yourself through. This includes attending law school, earning a law degree, working long and hard shifts at law firms, and developing a deep understanding of how the legal system works and the United States code.

The line of work includes a high level of stress, paying as much as 40,000 USD (minimum) per year in tuition fees, and working with clients who are not exactly cooperative or “your type”. All of this is for developing analytical skills and layer understanding and a poor public image.

Despite this, there are tons of reasons for you to become a lawyer which are mentioned in the next section.

Pros of Becoming a Lawyer:

pros of being a lawyer
Pros of being a lawyer
  1. High Salaries:

In terms of income, being a lawyer outweigh any other profession. Your law degree is nothing short of a gold mine and provides you with an annual income in millions. This, of course, will take some time, as you need to develop a legal career that attests to your experience and expertise as a seasoned professional.

  1. Multiple Career Options:

That’s right, if you are a layer, you have a multitude of specializations to choose from. You can serve in either public or private sector, you can become a criminal defense attorney or a criminal prosecutor, you can be a corporate lawyer, a labor lawyer, a divorce lawyer and so much more.

  1. Operate Independently:

Another perk of being a lawyer is that after you graduate from law school, you can either chose to work with law firms or become a corporate lawyer and be associated with an organization. You may even choose to work with several clients on your own or work in partnership with another independent lawyer. The legal field offers you a lot of freedom in terms of work structure and choosing who you want to work with.

  1. Mentally Challenging:

As a lawyer, you will have the opportunity to discuss and test complex legal theories, have your analytical skills sharpened to another level, provide legal consulting to corporate giants dealing with complex legal infrastructure, all of this to ensure the best possible outcome for your client. To become a successful lawyer, you need more than to just study law, you need comprehensive understanding and mastery over it.

Your legal career can be a bright one if you are willing to put in the works.

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