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Actress avoids spousal support payment by way of prenup

Maryland fans of the hit television show "Big Bang Theory" are familiar with the work of Kaley Cuoco. The actress plays Penny, the airhead girl next door who falls in love with her nerdy neighbor. Cuoco may play dumb on screen, but in real life she has shown herself to be a savvy financial planner. Due to a rock solid prenuptial agreement, Cuoco is emerging from her recent divorce with the vast majority of her sizable fortune intact, and will not pay spousal support to her former husband.

The importance of having clear spousal support guidelines

Few divorce issues are more contentious than alimony. Whether one is making or receiving payments, there are strong opinions held on whether the practice of one spouse providing continuing support for the other should be upheld or altered. Even though the subject of spousal support is so widely debated, many spouses in Maryland and across the nation fail to give the issue sufficient attention when drafting their divorce agreements.

Is crowdfunding the newest divorce trend? Should it be?

When many Maryland spouses tell their friends and family that they are preparing to end their marriage, the response is almost universally "I'm so sorry. What can I do to help?" Often, people don't know how to answer this question, as divorce is such a deeply personal experience. However, there are plenty of ways that loved ones can assist during this period of time, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of a divorce.

After charges filed, child custody cases could be in limbo

When parents face the loss of custody to their state of residence, the court proceedings often include the services of a family evaluator. Some states refer to this position as a child custody specialist or a court mediator, among other terms. In short, however, this role is usually fulfilled by a social worker who is hired by the county to review and report on a family's living scenario and make recommendations on child custody placement. This is a position that carries an enormous amount of power and responsibility, as courts in Maryland and elsewhere will often defer to the opinion given.

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