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Making child custody talks age-appropriate for each child

One of the most distressing things about any Maryland divorce is having to discuss the matter with one's children. This is a talk that most parents dread, and many feel ill-equipped to handle. The following guidelines are shared in the hopes of making it easier to sit down and discuss divorce and child custody changes with kids, and they give advice for every age group.

Child custody fight after surrogate decides to keep baby

Maryland residents who are dealing with infertility often encounter a long and difficult road in the effort to expand their families. Many will go through difficult and expensive treatment options before looking to alternative measures, such as using the services of a surrogate. While many thousands of families have positive experiences with surrogacy each and every year, there are cases in which the arrangement leads to stress, heartbreak and difficult child custody battles.

The role of the discovery process during a divorce

One of the most important phases of a Maryland divorce involves gathering and reviewing all of information that will be needed to move forward. This process is known as discovery, and it will be different from one couple to the next. Understanding the importance of the discovery process can help spouses make the most of this stage of their divorce, and it can help them avoid common mistakes.

Could a phone app lessen child support tensions?

When Maryland parents decide to end their relationship, the division of parenting time and responsibilities is a chief concern. Once a child custody and child support agreement has been reached, many parents begin to struggle over the financial end of things. Child support is an item of contention among many divorced parents and can make it difficult to create a positive  co-parenting relationship.

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