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Domestic violence complicates child custody matters

When a Maryland resident is subjected to domestic violence, the victim is often fearful of what would happen if he or she were to leave the relationship. Those who share children with their abuser may fear that leaving would mean that they would no longer be able to protect the kids from harm. It is not uncommon for a perpetrator of domestic violence to threaten to "take away" one's children in a child custody battle.

Divorce will bring changes to one's tax obligations

As a Maryland marriage comes to an end, there are a wide range of changes that will take place. Each party will have to get accustomed to their new living arrangements and begin to make financial decisions that serve their individual interests. It is easy to forget about taxes during the months leading up to a divorce, but spouses should take the time to consider how their tax obligations might change as they transition from married to single.

Spouses should find their financial risk level after a divorce

The end of a marriage brings about a great many changes in the lives of Maryland residents. One area of change with significant impact involves personal finances. Once a divorce has taken place, individuals must take the time to consider how their needs and goals have changed and make the appropriate adjustments. Part of that process is evaluating the level of risk with which an individual is comfortable.

Understanding how retirement savings are split in divorce

For many Maryland couples, retirement savings form a significant portion of their marital wealth. These assets can play a key role in the overall property division strategy, and it is important for spouses to understand the ins and outs of dividing retirement accounts during divorce. This is true for spouses of any age, but the matter is of far more importance to those who are at or nearing retirement age.

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