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Did mother lose legal custody because she was poor?

An interesting case is making its way through the appellate courts of one northeastern state, and the outcome could change the way that custody matters are handled in Maryland and across the nation. The case centers on whether a parent has the right to pro bono legal counsel in the event that he or she cannot afford an attorney. While the mother in this case may have won the most recent battle, she still has quite a way to go before she can regain legal custody and be reunited with her daughter.

Can Mandy Moore get spousal support for pet care?

Lots of Maryland residents are familiar with one or both spouses of a celebrity couple who are currently going through a divorce. Actress Mandy Moore and musician Ryan Adams married after a brief courtship and filed for divorce in early 2015. One of the primary issues in their divorce case is Moore's assertion that Adams pay spousal support, which is intended for the care of the couple's eight pets.

How to deal with a spouse who is a bully during divorce

Divorce can bring out the worst in many people, and some will react in ways that are in direct opposition to their normal conduct. In some cases, a Maryland spouse who has never exhibited aggressive behavior will act out during the end of a marriage. One term for such a spouse is "divorce bully." Individuals who have to deal with this type of behavior can have a number of challenges during the divorce process.

How to bring up the subject of divorce

For many in Maryland, the decision to divorce has already been made. The next step lies in talking to one's spouse about that decision and moving into the earliest stages of the divorce process. Broaching the subject can be difficult, and many spouses struggle with how to begin. When preparing for this important series of discussions, it can be helpful to have a mental outline of how things might go.

Deciding whether to delay divorce until New Year

Once some Maryland spouses have decided that their marriage is over, filing the paperwork cannot come too soon. It is understandable to want to move on with one's life and leave a broken marriage behind, but there may be some very practical reasons for postponing a divorce announcement as the holidays approach. Spouses who are considering making this landmark life choice should consider the role that timing can have on the process and its outcome.

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