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Things to know about the $100 divorce

A new service has been making the rounds within the media, and promises to make divorce far easier and less costly than the traditional approach. A company is offering a $99 divorce solution for customers who want to save money while exiting their marriage. While the offer may sound appealing to many Maryland spouses, it is important to note that divorce is a complicated legal matter, and one that is not well suited to a one-size-fits all solution.

What does gay marriage have to do with straight divorce?

In a recent landmark decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that same-sex couples in Maryland and across the nation have the right to marry. That decision has led to a great deal of debate, and even certain forms of protest. One such effort may be exemplified in a case in which a heterosexual couple was denied a divorce based on the Supreme Court's approach to gay marriage.

Can anyone have their divorce records sealed?

The media coverage of the divorce of southern governor Robert Bentley and his wife of 50 years has spread across the nation. Many people are angry that the politician was able to convince a family court judge to seal his divorce records, which shields the details of the couple's divorce from the public eye. Divorce records in Maryland and elsewhere are generally considered to be public information, and as Bentley is a public official, many feel strongly that he should be held to the same standard as any other divorcing spouse.

Women may seek divorce at higher rate than men

A recent study looked at the ways in which relationships end, and found that when a marriage is faltering, women may be more likely to throw in the towel than men. The study made use of data collected from more than 2,000 survey respondents, all of whom were involved in a heterosexual marriage or relationship between 2009 and 2015. By the end of the study period, 92 individuals had gone through a divorce, with the women initiating 69 percent of those divorce cases. Many Maryland residents are not surprised by those findings. 

Ashley Madison reveal could lead to divorce for some

Many Maryland readers were completely unaware of the company Ashley Madison, or the services that it provides its clients. However, the recent hack into the company's website has brought the seedy details of the company into the light of day. Ashley Madison is a service that offers married people the opportunity to find individuals willing to engage in an affair. A group known as The Impact Team was able to hack into the company's files, and a list of the nearly 39 million users has been released to the public. As spouses access that information and find that their partner was or is an Ashley Madison client, some may seek a divorce.

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